2015 Harvest Report

2015 Harvest
2015 Harvest

We kicked of our 2015 grape harvest this year on August 26. That morning we received nearly 9 tons of sweet Cayuga grapes. (We primarily use the Cayuga grapes in some of our blended white wines for instance Cayuga is blended with other grapes to make our Desire, Misty Valley and Adam’s Choice.) Our first day of harvest went fairly smoothly, then day 2 came…

Day 2 of harvest was a completely different story. The day started off normal, we were scheduled to receive about 19 tons of Vignoles grapes, put them through the destemmer/crusher and then into our press. That’s where the day took a big turn for us, the press would not press. Not good. Luckily we have some excellent electricians/mechanics in the area and they were able to help us temporarily fix the press so we could at least press the grapes we already received and the scheduled grapes that we were to receive the next day.

We are now on day 5 or 6 (the days have started to run together) of receiving grapes and our press is 100% broke down. We ended up having to take part of the motor and the press transmission to St. Louis to be re-built, which isn’t looking very promising at this time. In the meantime, we are very thankful that our neighbor, Stone Hill Winery, they made room for us and pressed some of our Chardonel grapes that we received this week.

While our old press’s motor and transmission are being re-built, we are still in need of a press, thankfully we have found a gently used press and have started the process of purchasing. Fingers crossed, we can have that press installed next week and we can once again start pressing grapes on-site, because I’m sure you don’t want us stomping the grapes like Lucy & Ethel. LOL!

Keep your fingers crossed that there are no more harvest hiccups!