Fall Release of 1855

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Our 1855 is about to be released, just in time for the holidays! It is being bottled this week and released to the public next weekend (November 18, 2016).

For those of you not familiar with our 1855 here are some tasting notes:

Named for the year Adam Puchta founded the winery, this unique wine exhibits smooth, rich, full-lasting flavors with a warm finish. We began creating this sweet, fortified wine in 2004, using traditional Madeira blending techniques (blending multiple vintages and styles of wine into one) with continued aging in oak and stainless steel.   The nutty, caramel flavor pairs nicely with Gorgonzola or Gruyere. Best serve chilled in a small thin glass.

Pairs well with:

  • Rich, nutty cheeses
  • Toffee nut bars
  • Bread pudding

Alcohol: 17.8%

Residual Sugar: 6.55%


  • Multi-vintage blend of several grape varieties


Only available online or at the winery.