June is Vidal Blanc Month

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June is Vidal Blanc MonthJune is the month we celebrate the perfect summer wine, Vidal Blanc. We just finished bottling our 2013 Vidal Blanc and it screams summer; it’s a dry white wine with fresh flavors of pear, apple and grapefruit. It’s one of my personal favorites because it so crisp and light with just a hint of citrus in the finish and it pairs so nicely with summer foods. I love our Vidal Blanc with almost anything – from smoked pork chops to fried catfish to a simple mixed greens salad to fresh melon.  Vidal Blanc is ideal served chilled, while sitting poolside with friends. It’s available at the winery for $12/bottle; if you buy it by the case we’ll even do a 15% discount for you. Vidal is also available at several Missouri retailers and online.

I’ve got my chilled bottle of Adam Puchta Vidal Blanc and heading to the pool…Until next time, Cheers!!