Just Released: Adam Puchta Mead

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New Wine Released: Mead
New Wine Released: Mead


Semi-sweet honey wine, $27/bottle

Produced and bottled for Adam Puchta Winery by Martin Brothers Winery, 1623 Old Iron Road, Hermann, MO. Adam Puchta’s Mead is currently only available at our winery and in our on-line store, it will not be available to our retailers.

Tasting notes:

Made from 100% American honey, fermented and oaked to delight your palate, hints of pear, peach, apple and berries. Pairs well with a variety of foods or enjoy a glass on its own. Best served chilled.

Pairs well with:

Alcohol: 13.9%

Made with 100% American honey, no grapes.

Fun facts about Mead:

  1. Some claim that mead was the first alcoholic drink, predating wine and beer. The earliest evidence of mead production dates back to 7000 BC from pottery vessels in northern China. Historically, mead was something of a global beverage: it was consumed by Greek gods on Mt. Olympus, Vikings, and African bushmen. In fact, mead was drank before men knew how to harness the mead-making process; mead fermented naturally on its own when a beehive combined with rainwater and yeast in the air.
  2. The term ‘honeymoon’ can be traced to the medieval tradition of drinking this honey wine for a full cycle of the moon after marriage. Mead was thought to be an aphrodisiac, and if it was consumed by newlyweds, offspring would hopefully soon follow. A bride’s father would often include enough mead in her dowry to last for a month.