Wine Varietiesour wines

Vignoles:  Lightly sweet and amazingly flavorful for sipping on the deck or enjoying with anything Thai or Mexican.

Vidal: White, lightly dry, clean, citrus flavor great with shrimp scampi and poultry.

Chardonel:  Clean crisp dry white wine exhibits, rich flavors of green apple and pear.  Excellent with seafood, baked Brie or mild French cheeses.

Seyval:  Crisp fruit flavors and delicate aromas accentuate this classic continental climate varietal.  Excellent with seafood too!

Traminette: Aromatically floral, mineral rich, semi-sweet wine is evocative of jasmine tea, honeysuckle, rose, peach and kiwi. Delightful with dessert or spicy cuisine.

Norton: Becoming another flagship producer in Missouri for our official state grape. This superb red is perfectly suited for Grilled lamb.