Pie Palooza!

I really love my job! Yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to help Tim sample some fabulous pies and help pair a wine with each. You may be wondering why pie? Why not? Actually, a few weeks ago I was pitched an idea from Tammy, owner of Sugar Momma’s. She wanted to do a Pie Palooza to release some of her fall pies. We figured since we are true Hermann-Germans we needed to pair pie with wine.

Wednesday afternoon was a sweet treat, literally.  Tammy and Theresa (Theresa is the “Pie Boss” and owner of Hermann Catering) rolled into the winery with five pies in tow. I started popping bottles of wine to try with each pie.  Here are the results from our afternoon.

Oh my, all those pies!
Oh my, all those pies!

Pear & Cranberry Pie, full of fresh pears, tart dried cranberries and topped with a crunchy walnut crumble.  This pie will be paired with our Dry Rosé , which really provides a nice balance between the sweetness of the pears and tartness of the cranberries but also plays really nice with the toasted walnut topping.

German Chocolate Pie, now how can you go wrong with chocolate, coconut and pecans?? This was probably my favorite pie sample of the afternoon. We decided to pair our Cat’s Meow with the German Chocolate Pie because the jammy, rich flavors of the wine compliment the thick, creamy chocolate and the toasted pecans and coconut in the pie.

Caramel Apple Pie, a classic apple pie with rich caramel sauce mixed with the fresh apples and drizzled on top of the homemade, tender and flaky pie crust. No canned pie filling here, the apples are fresh and tart with go amazingly with our Adam’s Choice.  When you sip the wine with the pie it totally pops and the apples sing.

Sweet Potato Pie, Ok, so I’m not usually a fan of anything sweet potato but I knew I must try this pie just by looking at it. It was creamy, light yet packed with rich flavors and spices and my favorite part, the crumble topping of toasted pecans and coconut. Pairing this pie with just one wine was difficult so we narrowed it down to two wines that you can’t go wrong with, Traminette and our 1855. Traminette pairs so great with the pumpkin pie spices and really balances out the sweetness of the sweet potato. For a decadent treat try the pie with our 1855 (sherry). Wow!! The 1855 plays so well with the toasted crumble topping  and adds a punch to the sweet potato filling.

S’More Pie, has all the components of  a great S’more; a graham cracker crust, a sweet marshmallow layer topped with thick, rich, pudding-style chocolate. OMG! This is definitely a sweet treat and we decided to pair it with our Signature Port. The ruby-style port is incredible with rich chocolate desserts making this pie the perfect match.

So, is your mouth watering? Do you want to try these pairings for yourself? You can, Thursday, September 25 at 5:30 p.m. at the winery. This is a special ticketed event and only 20 tickets are available. Tickets are $20/each and available at Sugar Momma’s or by calling Tammy at 573-486-KAN-D(5263). Take-home pies and wine will be available for sale the evening of the Pie Palooza.

09.25.14 Pie Palooza flyer