Super Bowl Treats & Adam Puchta Wines

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When I think Super Bowl, the first thing that comes to mind is food….chili, potato chips and dip, hot wings, pizza. Definitely comfort foods. These game day snacks are generally bold, with spicy, salty flavors and usually have a creamy or cheese element to smooth them out. To wash these tasty treats down I typically think beer. So what’s a wine lover to do?

Here are a few of my favorite Super Bowl snacks along with Adam Puchta wines guaranteed to make them taste even better.


Hunter's Red & Chili
Hunter’s Red & Chili

A hearty chili with ground burger or venison, smoky cumin, peppers, onions and that is moderately spicy, I suggest pairing with our Hunter’s Red. This velvety, non-oaked semi-dry red wine works alongside the chilies and the light tannins work well with the meat of the chili. Tip: add a little Hunter’s Red to your chili, it will help develop a full, well-rounded flavor.


Sparkling Brut & Potato Chips
Sparkling Brut & Potato Chips

So have you tried potato chips with Champagne? It’s a must!! Our Sparkling Brut is so versatile, the perfect balance of acidity, subtle sweetness and because of the tiny, vigorous bubbles it has a palate-cleansing action that help when enjoying the fat and salt of potato chips. Definitely a fun and surprising pairing…don’t be afraid to try with French onion dip too.



Adam's Choice & hot wings
Adam’s Choice & Hot Wings

Hot wings are a little harder to match with wine because they have so much going on… a kick of heat from slightly vinegary hot sauce, crispy, salty skin, and usually dipped in Blue cheese dressing to tame some of the heat. Which Adam Puchta wine pairs best? Adam’s Choice. Adam’s Choice’s fruity sweetness tame the wings’ heat and its acidity is a match for the vinegary sauce. A perfect game day pairing.



Situation Red & Pizza
Situation Red & Pizza

A no-brainer, Situation Red LOVES pizza!! The light tannins and the acidity in Situation Red plays well with the tomato pizza sauce and matches well with a number of typical pizza toppings including, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and peppers. Situation Red is really great with any food “situation”.