Wine Cork Crafts

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Get to work on your cork projects!!
More wine = more corks = more crafts!

If you have a pile of Adam Puchta wine corks hidden away, pull them out and get crafting!!

When it comes to craft and decorating projects, wine corks are all the rage, plus pretty great. First off they are so versatile yet eco-friendly, they have great texture and add a touch of nature to any room. Also, it’s an excuse to drink more wine, right?!?!?

We want you to get busy on your wine cork crafts; to help get you started with some fun ideas visit our Pinterest page. We have posted a little bit of everything, from coasters to jewelry to drawer pulls to wreaths, there’s always a creative way to up-cycle wine corks. We wanna see your completed projects — either post on our Facebook page or share with us on Instagram.

If you are running short on corks and you need for your projects, we have bags of corks for sale:

  • 50 corks for $5
  • 100 corks for $10

Give us a call and we’ll drop some in the mail for you (shipping costs extra).