Wine & Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just about a week away, time to plan your menu and pick out your wine selections. If your family is anything like mine, I better not change up the Thanksgiving menu because everyone has their favorite comfort foods and expects them as part of the meal, however I can get creative with my wine selections. Of course I will be serving Adam Puchta wines!

This year I’ll be preparing a traditional Thanksgiving meal for 10 people. My menu will include roasted turkey, sausage and fruit dressings, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed corn, cranberry sauce, homemade dinner rolls and oh my, the pies!! Everyone in my family enjoys wines (we were raised enjoying wine with meals, especially holiday meals) so I’ll need to have 6-8 bottles of wine on hand and here are the selections I’ve made this year.

Situation Red – Situation Red is made from 100% Missouri Chambourcin grapes, it’s fruit forward with hints of cranberry and pomegranate and has a slight peppery finish. The low acidity of this wine makes it great for almost any food situation, pairing perfectly with my roasted turkey and sausage dressing and nicely complimenting the cranberry sauce.

Vidal Blanc – Vidal Blanc is a nice, crisp, dry white wine with flavors of pears, apple and grapefruit. It will also pair with the turkey and will compliment my fruit dressing which includes apples, dried cranberries and toasted pecans. Vidal Blanc is one of my favorite Adam Puchta wines so it’s usually in my fridge at all times.

Traminette – Traminette is a semi-sweet, aromatic, fruity and floral white wine that harmonizes well with holiday foods. Traminette is versatile enough to pair with turkey and vegetables, but really shines with pie, especially apple and pumpkin pies!

I hope my selection of Adam Puchta wine makes it to your table this year as well. Keep in mind, Thanksgiving is about celebrating our blessings so it doesn’t really matter what’s in your wine glass, just raise your glass and toast the good things in your life.


Wine and Thanksgiving