Winery Tasting Room and Gift Shop

Come discover the treasures of Missouri wine country in the original Adam Puchta homestead tasting room and gift shop. 

Be welcomed by friendly faces ready to provide you with a wine tasting experience (you also may be greeted by one, or more, of the sociable Puchta cats). Our gift shop offers a wide array of wine gifts, apparel, personalized wine glasses and wine accessories. We also stock all your picnic needs; local cheeses and artisan sausages, crackers and gourmet chocolates. 

All of our award-winning wines are on hand for purchase, discounts available on case sales. 

The Adam Puchta gift shop is full of so much history, built in 1858 as Adam’s and his first wife, Clementine’s home. Clementine died during child birth in 1858 and in February 1859 Adam married Bertha Riefenstahl, Clementine’s older sister. Bertha developed an allergy to the grapes during production time and had Adam build a brick home a little further away from the production area. The brick home was built in 1882, 20 feet away from the stone home. The brick home today is the 6th generation Puchta, Tim’s, home. The stone building received a major renovation in 1990 and was converted into what we see today. Inside the gift shop you can still see the original wooden, hand-scrapped beams and stone walls (all the stone for the home was quarried on the winery property).