Michael Rouse
Michael in the Lab - FEAST Magazine
Adam Puchta Winery’s winemaker, Michael Rouse.

Michael was born in Missouri, across the river from Hermann, in McKittrick. He grew up in Arizona and California and in 1997, Michael and his wife, Greta, moved to a small farm in the Hermann area.

Michael came to Adam Puchta Winery in 2004 and is currently responsible for taking the grapes through the wine making process and managing and developing our products. His dedication to his job is clearly evident in his ability to produce quality, award-winning wines consistently year after year.  

Before becoming a winemaker, Michael was an organic vegetable grower in Santa Barbara, California. Although he never received a formal education in winemaking/Enology, Michael did learn on the job at Stone Hill Winery working in their cellars for five years as well as reading and researching the business extensively. 

Like a proud parent, Michael doesn’t play favorites. When asked what is his favorite Adam Puchta wine he quickly replies, “It changes from year to year, sometimes season to season, but generally I enjoy dry varietals.”  Michael feels Hermann has unique, high-quality styles of wine to offer the world, from Sparkling Wine to Port and Sherry, and everything in between.

When he’s not making wine, Michael enjoys hiking with his wife on their farm, surfing, dancing and playing music. Michael says, “There just isn’t enough time for everything!”