Choose an Experience to Suit Your Taste!

Wine Tasting 2
Wine tastings offered seven days a week!

Featured Wine Tasting — $5

Enjoy a guided wine tasting featuring eight (8) pre-selected award-winning wines some paired with tasty gourmet straws and cracker. 

Complete Wine Tasting (excludes Vintner’s Select Wines) — $10

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you on a truly special wine tasting experience, sampling our complete list of 16 award-winning wines (excluding our Vintner’s Select wines) with some classic gourmet straws and cracker pairings. 

Vintner’s Select Tasting — $5

Sample our premium and special release wines including our Estate Bottled Norton, Sparkling Wine, Signature Port and Mead. 


Bistro Wine Tasting
Bistro Cellar Wine Tasting

Why do we charge for our tastings?

In 2011, we made the decision, along with several other wineries in the Hermann Wine Trail, to charge a tasting fee. We offer more than just a sampling of our wines, we offer an experience. The experiences includes a guided wine sampling with our well-trained, knowledgeable tasting associates and incorporate thoughtfully paired snacks with our award-winning wines.

Just like in other businesses, production costs are always increasing. We sample out 10 -15% of our production annually. Do you know of other businesses that give away that much of their product for free? We are dedicated to producing wines that put quality over quantity and price. We try to stay competitive on our wine prices and feel having implemented the tasting fee has helped us keep our bottle prices reasonable.

I hope this helps you understand our reason behind charging for our tasting experience.