200x200-px-Vidal-labelVidal Blanc, $17

The aroma of a spring time garden, a subtle bouquet of pear and citrus comes alive with baked chicken, roasted duck and smoked foods. Superb with shrimp, lobster or scallops. Fresh basil and garlic are two spices that compliment this fine dry white. Serve chilled. Similar to a Pinot Grigio.
DRY VIGNOLES newDry Vignoles, $19

Off-dry white wine with fruit-forward essences of peach, strawberry & kiwi, yet finishing with a crisp citrus flare. Enjoyable on its own or with flavorful foods such as Cajun shrimp or Mexican foods. Made from 100% Missouri Vignoles grapes.
2013-ChardonelChardonel, $17

A light oak complexity and a spicy finish. This clean crisp dry white wine exhibits flavors of green apple and pear. Excellent with seafood, baked Brie or mild French cheeses. A true hit at any celebration or quiet dinner for two. Best served chilled. Similar to an oaky-style Chardonnay.
Dry-Rose-NEWDry Rosé, $17

The enticing aroma of this dry full-bodied Rosé evokes the scents of strawberry and pineapple guava. Inspired by the tradition of the Old World Rosés, it makes a great companion to grilled chicken, soft-shell seafood, Mexican or Alfredo sauces. Serve slightly chilled. Similar to a French or Spanish Dry Rosé. Hand-crafted for the adventurous at heart. Best served slightly chilled.
Cellar Select Norton, $20

A unique blend of Norton vintages selected from our cellars to creates this smooth, full-bodied, dry red wine. Our Cellar Select Norton has bold blackberry and black cherry aromas and flavors that are balanced by aging in French and American oak. The wine lingers on the palate with subtle notes of cocoa and toasty vanilla. This Norton pairs well with Kansas City-style BBQ, grilled steaks or dark chocolate. Formally know as Vintner's Reserve Norton.
LegacyJudges Legacy, $17

A touch of oak with soft silky tannins distinguishes this medium-bodied dry red wine. black licorice and plum spice up the bouquet, while the subtle flavor of caramel and dark tart cherry round out the finish. Judges Legacy pairs well with wild game, paté, red meat & light Italian fare. Best served at room temperature.
Situation-RedSituation Red, $17

Impetuous and moody, this sultry red wine is rich with earthy tannins that dance on your taste buds like an evocative Spanish dancer. Fruity flavors of pomegranate, dark cherries and cranberries characterize this visually stunning red wine from Chambourcin grapes. Pairs well with Italian, spicy, pork and lamb, but the low acidity makes it great for almost any food “situation”.
2011-Norton2011 Estate Norton, $20

A complex, full-bodied, dry red wine made from our estate-grown Norton grapes. Norton fans will love the bold and rich layers of berries, plums, toast and spice. French and American oak aging intensifies the complexity and provides a smoky, vanilla finish. While flavorful now, it will continue to develop with age.
Hunters-RedHunter's Red, $17

A velvety non-oaked semi-dry red wine with a mild floral nose. A fun wine to pair with many Italian foods, peppery/spicy BBQ, hearty stews, venison and summer sausage. A choice red wine for cooking. Serve at room temperature or chilled. Similar to a Chianti.
pink and white-cat-label-200-pxCat's Meow, $17

Rich and velvety with sweet, jammy flavors of plum, dark cherry, currant and ambrosia melon. Named in honor of the Winery’s most popular residents, our feline friends, this versatile wine is great with anything from spicy foods to chocolate desserts. Perfect chilled on a hot summer day or for sipping in front of the fire to ward away the winter frost.
Impulse, $17

Act on your impulses! Chocolate, date night, star-gazing...This wine pairs perfectly with any irresistible desire.
Impulse is a delicate, light-bodied, semi-sweet wine made from 100% Missouri cold-pressed grapes. Cold-pressing the grapes allows for the retention of both the aromas and fruit characters that are amplified when served chilled. The crisp, well-balanced flavors of tart cherries, watermelon and passion fruit come together for a refreshing wine to drink on an impulse.
DesireDesire, $17

This semi-dry blended white wine is a drier version of our most popular wine, Adam’s Choice; its crisp and refreshing, with hints of kiwi, lime and green apple. A food friendly wine that pairs well with poultry, shellfish or Asian cuisine.
TraminetteTraminette, $17

An aromatic fruity and floral wine evocative of jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, peach and kiwi. Great alone as a patio wine, but also perfect with spicy foods and delightful with holiday desserts. Similar to Gewürztraminer. Serve chilled.
Misty-ValleyMisty Valley, $15

A semi-sweet white dessert wine with a soft floral nose. Light, fresh and fruity. Pairs with pineapple upside-down cake or cheesecake. Similar to a Moscato.
Adams-ChoiceAdam's Choice, $17

Our semi-sweet Germanic style white wine transports one to the banks of the Rhine River. A crisp blended wine for hot summer days. Great for picnics with fruit, cheese and crackers. Similar to a German Riesling.
VignolesVignoles, $17

A luscious sweet white wine bursting with peach, strawberry and kiwi with a citrus finish. This versatile wine pairs with any spicy cuisine – Mexican, Cajun, Thai or Buffalo. Tasty with lemon chicken or lime shrimp. Sample it with our Key Lime Shortbread Cookies; it tastes just like a margarita!
RiefenstahlerRiefenstahler, $15

A sweet red dessert wine with a full Concord bouquet and rich blackberry jam characteristics. Great with a peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter cookie or mix it in a spritzer, smoothie or slush. Our number one selling red wine – take one sip and you’ll see why!
Berry-BlackBerry Black, $19

An old-fashioned style wine reminiscent of Missouri’s wine heritage. This wine exhibits the natural sweetness of freshly picked blackberries. Mix it with berries for a dessert topping or a sauce for pork loin.
Jazz-BerryJazz Berry, $19

A fruity sweet red wine perfect for the chocoholic. An intense raspberry bouquet and the taste of ripe berries. Serve with chocolate desserts, custards or even over ice cream.
Signature-PortSignature Port, $32

Exhibits the style of Ruby character ports known for their rich fruity quality. An emphasis on ripeness, depth and smoothness, it pairs well with fine dark chocolate desserts.
Anniversary-PortAnniversary Port, $40

Reminiscent of vintage ports, it has been aged for six years with toasted French and American oak to create caramel and vanilla character on the nose and palate. From a Norton base, fig, plum and black cherry flavors combine with hints of spice and coffee. Serve with blue-veined cheeses, candied nuts and dried fruits.
1855-Sherry1855, $34

Named for the year Adam Puchta founded the Winery, this unique wine exhibits smooth rich taste. Ten years in the making, it can be a before or after dinner drink. Nutty caramel flavor pairs nicely with Gorgonzola or Gruyere. Serve cold in a small thin glass.